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i know every mile, will be worth my while

this is where im meant to be

Andrea Akari Akayuri
27 February 1989
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HI, I'M ARIEL AND IM A CRAZY NINJA. no, but srsly, i'm only 21 and i'm a crazy rabid fangirl.

A few things you might want to know about me...

1. I am a harry potter fan. i'm on pottermore and i'm in slytherin. my username is 'snitchdraconis33' so feel free to add me.

2. I am obsessed with tvd, supernatural, and so many other tv shows. i tend to ramble.

3. hyper, random, weird, crazy, and insane. yup, sums me up.

4. i love pie and cake.

5. friends are love.

I wrote a message in a bottle,
And sent it out to Sea
Hoping that one day it will reach my love,
Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch & and I shared his coat.

"Little darling,
it's been a long cold lonely winter."

is Suzaku Love

is Lulu Love

i'm in slytherin!

Made by soraloveramanda
Kadaj is Riku's long-lost brother love.
Colorbar by friendships.

All of these are not mine. Have fun looking at them though! ^^